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Produce a preparedness proposal the will recommend specific steps that could potentially reduce (mitigate) the loss of life and property resulting from you climate impact or natural hazard. The
proposal should target a specific person, agency, municipality or organization responsible for emergency mitigation efforts. Seven sections should be labelled as indicated in bold and address the

Specifically Identify and state who is the intended audience for your proposal (Target audience)
Identify and explain the climate impact or natural hazard (Hazard)
Identify and explain the risk associated with your specific geographic location (Location)
Describe the atmospheric and geologic conditions or processes that give rise to the impact or hazard (Earth processes)
Describe ways in which human and environmental processes contribute to the impact or hazard (Human processes)
Discuss past impact of hazard events and mitigation or communication policies and their effectiveness (Past events/policies)
Recommend ethically and socially responsible ways to improve current mitigation and communication policies (Proposal


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