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“Emirates Airlines company” as a UAE based company for this project and you have to check what this company is using system or framework in business process management / process re-engineering implementation.

report for this project will be as follows:

A) Literature review: Choose any of the system or framework used in business process management / process re-engineering implementation. Write about the selected framework, its principles, implementation process, pros/cons, extent of its use in our region etc. You may then narrow your interest to at least one perspective that you would like to investigate in more details later on in the field study (such as process perspective, technology or people perspective).

B) Field study: Choose one organization in UAE or abroad that have implemented the chosen framework. Prepare interview and data collection protocol (such as semi-structured interview) around how the framework was implemented, the triggers or derivers, process architect features, IT architect features, challenges faced, as well as main results achieved so far. You may focus more on the perspective of the particular concern you want to investigate as set in Part A above. After data collection, analyze the data and draw conclusions and recommendations.

C) Written Report: A written report should be prepared at the end using MS Word, font size 12, 1.5-line spacing and maximum of 6000 words excluding references and appendices. The report should cover the following aspects:
• Introduction or executive summary – focusing on the research objective and main findings and conclusions.
• Literature review – summarising the main findings from the literature on the selected framework generally, as well as on the chosen dimension of research focus specifically.
• Results, findings and discussion – detailing the results found from the data collection and analyses.
• Conclusions & recommendations – linking the conclusions and recommendation to the findings and the research objective. Recommendations should preferably be of practical implication of the findings.

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