Write a 3 to 4 page [**full-sentence] business plan outline using the organization selected in Week 2.

Create a concise, understandable business plan outline for this organization – to enter a global market in which they are not already doing business.

Be prepared to discuss elements of your business plan during class.

Be sure to include the following:

  • Description of the business
  • Description of the industry
  • Technology Plan
  • Marketing Plan
  • Financial Plan
  • Production Plan
  • Organizational Plan
  • Operations Plan
  • Include 2 or 3 of the 7 recommended appendices

[**full-sentence means exactly what it states, not less. Bulleted or topic-only style outlines will not be considered sufficient and will earn no more than up to 50% of total possible grade]. Your outline may contain multiple sentences per topic/sub-topic, to fully answer the points listed above, but should strive to NOT be a body of work which otherwise would be considered a paper or detailed business plan. This outline would be the pretext to writing a more substantive, full business plan, which is NOT required. Relevant graphs, charts, and tables should be included ONLY as appendices AT END of your outline – and NOT USED in place of describing that portion of your business plan within the plan/outline document.

Format your outline consistent with APA guidelines.

I wrote about Coca-Cola in Week2 not looking at this weeks assignments. So kinda of hard to write this paper on Coke since they are everywhere LOL But hey if you can make it work im all for it. But if you are familiar with a smaller company that you can make this work for im all game.

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