business plan 6

Want somebody to write a business plan for a start up… it should fall below the following parameters and should be around 30 pages.


Your business plan must fall within one of the following categories:
1. Aging Population
2. Heathcare
3. Energy Industry
4. IP Video
5. Social Media
6. E-­?Commerce
7. Sports & Recreation
8. Healthy Living
9. Transportation
10. Wholesale
11. Green Energy/Environment
12. Mobile Commerce
13. Internet Marketing

Please note that the following types of businesses are NOT acceptable:
• Consulting Services
• Restaurants
• Franchises



The Business Plan should contain the following :



1.  Letter of Transmittal

2.  Title Page

3.  Table of Contents

4.  Executive Summary and Fact Sheet

5.  Body of the Plan

  The Company and Industry

  The Product/Service Offering

  Market Analysis

  The Marketing Plan

  The Development Plan

  The Production/Operations Plan

  The Management Team

  Implementation Schedule and Risks Associated with the Venture

  The Financial Plan


6.  Appendices




It has be to be submitted in the following parts and due dates


June 7, 2013 Verbal 5 Minute Description of Business Plan Idea
 June 13, 2013 Business Plan Proposal Due
June 17, 2013 Executive Summary & Business Model Canvas Due
June 21, 2013 Complete 5 Year Financial Model Due
June 24, 2013 10 Page Summary Business Plan Due
June 27, 2013 Final Business Plan Due


i am attaching a sample business plan so you can get an idea. also have a look at the powerpoint attached for information about the contents, as to how it is to be done.


no plagarism. the idea should be original and so the plan.



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