business law and bussiness introduction

1, Describe the four fundamental business decisions that organizations must make when acquiring information systems.

2, Dicuss each of the seven development methods in this section with regard to the four business decisions that organizations must make.

3, operated a website designed to match people renting spare rooms with those looking for a place to live. Before subscribers could search listing or post housing opportunities on Roomates’s website, they had to create profiles, a process that required them to answer a series of questions that included the subsscriber’s sex, sexual oriantation, and whether he would bring children to a household. The site also encouraged subscribers to provide” Addition Comments” describing themselves and their desired roomate in an open-ended essay. Here are some typical ads:

+ “I am not looking for Muslims”

+ “Not acceptable: freaks, geeks, prostitutes ( male or female), druggies, pet cobras, drama queens, or mortgage brokers.”

+ Must be a black gay male!”

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