business ethics assignment ethisphere institute

 *Research Question not formulated yet

 *Max 750 words

 *Anontated biblioraphy attached if needed

 *5 sources -> (4 scholarly)

Conduct further research on the topic you chose for your annotated bibliography (Assignment 1).  You may use your sources from the annotated bibliography, or you may update them if you wish.


1. Research Question

·         Define a research question to be answered. We will overview this in class. Use you research question as your title.


2. Introduction

·         Guide your reader, i.e. state what you are going to do (the purpose)


3. Literature review

·         A short review of what the secondary sources have told you about the topic. 

·         Why is this topic important?

·         Include a definition


5. Analysis/Findings

·         What have you found out about this topic, i.e. explain your understanding about this topic.

·         Give example/s of ethical practice relating to the topic for a company or industry in the region.

·         Do you have recommendations?


6.  Conclusion

·         A short section that shows what you have achieved in your research paper. Check that you have answered your research paper question.  


7. References

·         A full list following APA format


Other Information

Word length max 750 words (excluding references).

Cite sources – APA style

Refer to SBA rubrics for writing and critical analysis. These will be used to grade your paper.


Appendices can be included – must be referred to in the research paper.

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