business capston 1

this is part 1


Throughout the course you are working in a small business endeavor that solves a problem or creates an opportunity. First you complete a series of preliminary assignments in which you analyze the business areas and challenges (from your time line) as applied to your small business. By the end of the course, you will be ready to incorporate your analysis of these business areas/challenges into a formal business proposal for the project.


For this week’s assignment, please select a business in your program area emphasis. An example of a small business project would be:


Dave Smith is a Business Management student with a Sales and Marketing emphasis. For his project, he is going to help a buddy, Sam, who runs his own painting company. Sam does a great job painting, but is not sure how to market his company to increase sales. Dave chooses to create a Marketing Plan for Sam’s painting company. This fits the “solve a problem” criterion. It also ties to Dave’s emphasis area of sales and marketing. In addition to creating the marketing plan, Dave includes how some of his business core classes (Introduction to Business, Introduction to Marketing, Professional Presentations) and emphasis classes (Marketing, Advertising) relate to the project.


Prepare a brief essay that identifies your project and program area emphasis


Business management is my major




This is part 2


As you progress in the development of your project, you may discover that you need to compose a letter to a government agency. Locate one government agency that is relevant to your project and compose a business letter that addresses a minimum of one business question. For example, someone in Child Care may elect to write a letter to the agency that regulates licensing. Make sure that your letter follows proper formatting styles



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