bus math qrb501 wk3 qu-5



Measures of central tendency & dispersion



By now, I’m sure you have heard of Farid Fatat, the oncologist who gave many healthy patients chemo treatments.  This is a horrendous story.  One of the things that I found interesting was that this article quoted the median as follows: “According to the federal investigation, by the time Fata was apprehended, his practice purchased $45 million worth of drugs annually for a staff of three doctors — the median amount spent by a full time oncologist is between $1.5 to 1.9 million according to a 2015 report on oncology trends.”


If you are unfamiliar with this case here is the entire article:



Class, do you know of a time when the mean or median tipped off you or someone else that something was fraudulent within a business?



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