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: Body Consciousness and Empowerment
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Each question should be written in essay format. The in-text citations must be in APA format, and there must be a references page at the end in APA format. Each question should be 1-2 (approx. 1.5) pages. You must describe relevant theories that are central to the question. This may require moving between theories of the individual and theories of society in order to paint a complete picture. You should draw on the articles covered in class. Outside articles should not be necessary.

1) Describe how gender is developed from a social construction perspective and from a biological/medical perspective. Describe the philosophical position of “essentialism” and describe Butler’s idea of intelligibility to explain the larger social discourse of the body politic.

2) Describe the societal fear of merger (what does it mean, where does it come from?). How do body boundaries capture an individualistic perspective of the body, and what are the social consequences?

3) Describe two ways we humanize cells and the resulting social impact in the context of body autonomy. Reference the Emily Martin article and the Gentile article (Hoffman recommended as well).

4) Part A. Reference the Thayer and Lane article to describe embodiment of emotion outside of trauma, and then include other relevant theory to discuss emotion embodiment in the context of trauma. Explain how individuals may embody emotion after experiencing a traumatic event.
Part B. Based on your explanation, what type of therapies may be useful for the embodied traumatic response you described? Why would that particular therapy lead to change for that particular trauma response?


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