Black country Gifts management Essay Dissertation Help

Prepare a management report of between 1500 and 3000 words which includes the following sections, documenting the tasks specified in each section.
Section 1: Context This section is worth 25 marks.
This section of the assessment will demonstrate your Detailed Understanding of Information Systems Characteristics
Task 1: Apply the Business Model to the Black Country Gifts case study. The case study is presented at the end of this report specification.
You need to:
• Copy Figure 1 into your report.
• Replace the labels L1-L6 in Figure 1 with information related to the case study.
Marks will be given for the accuracy and consistency of your answers in completing the business model.

Figure 1: Business Model for Black Country Gifts

Task 2: Using systems theory, explain how Black Country Gifts can be regarded as a business system.
Refer to your answer for Task 1 and Figure 1 to:
• Explain the role of the boundary of the system.
• Identify the source of inputs and outputs to and from the organization using examples relevant to Black Country Gifts.
• Define what is meant by the term subsystem and provide an example relevant to the case study.

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