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Biography of a Bureacrat

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You are to write a biographical sketch of a bureaucratic professional that has positively influenced the administration of government. Your work should be critical and objective. For help in writing biographies, you may look at John W. Creswell’s Qualitative Inquiry and Research Design: Choosing among the Five Disciplines (Sage Publications). Creswell does an excellent job of outlining the necessary components of a biography. Please make a note to explore how your bureaucrat fares on essentially bureaucratic values such as merit and competence, neutrality, organizational cohesion and leadership.
The paper should be between 6 to 8 pages in length. This does not include the cover page, abstract, and bibliography. The paper should be double-spaced with one-inch margins on all four sides of the paper. The following font styles are acceptable: Arial, Courier, and Times New Roman. Use 12 point font size. Page number your text in the top right corner. Your bibliography should consist of a minimum of 8 sources. These sources should demonstrate a thoughtful and considered approach to the subject. Do not use encyclopedia articles. NEVER USE WIKIPEDIA! Your sources, like your paper, should have the depth of scholarship appropriate for an undergraduate-level class. All references are to be done in the American Psychological Association (APA) style. You will find examples of APA style at
Please make sure you choose someone who is a public servant working for the government of nation-state. Typically, a bureaucrat is defined as “a member of a bureaucracy and can compose the administration of any organization of any size, although the term usually connotes someone within an institution of government.”
1. Introduce the bureaucrat
2. Discuss the political and cultural climate of the bureau s/he worked in
3. Any “reinventing” that s/he contributed to
4. Any Intergovernmental roles that s/he played
5. The line of ethics/accountability that s/he towed
6. The kind of management style that s/he followed (X, Y/ Classical, Humanistic etc..)
7. The kind of leadership that s/he showed within his/her bureau
Chosen Figure: General Norman Schwarzkopf
Possible sources:

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