bibl 121 new testament gospels

1.       List the New Testament books and arrange them in their canonical order.

2.       Short answer questions.

a)      The Jews were under the oppression of what major empire in the first century?

b)      The New Testament was written in what language?

c)       Jesus grew up in which district?

d)      Why were the Pharisees so zealous for the Law? Why did Jesus often oppose them?

e)      According to tradition, which gospels were written by apostles who had been with Jesus throughout his ministry?

f)       According to tradition, who was Mark and where did he get his information about Jesus?


3.       Write a short essay (nº of paragraphs defined in each question).

a)      Bart Ehrman claims that traditions about Jesus would have been altered between when Jesus died (AD 30) and when the Gospels were written (AD 60-100). How would you respond to this claim? ( 2 – 3 paragraphs).

b)      What is the “synoptic problem”? Which solution to the synoptic problem do you think is the best and why? (1 paragraph).


4.       Information about the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

a)      What are the main points they write in their Gospels? (describe briefly each for one of the authors).


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