Benchmark Assignment – Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection Academic Essay

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Part I: Interview

1. What does suffering mean to the patient?

Mr. Wight defines suffering as lying in the bed, not being able to do anything for his self, he even believes he is being punished for something he did during his life time.
He believes at times he wants to die, to ease the pain, but God won’t take him, he needs him to repent before he can depart from this world.

2. Who or what provides the patient with strength and hope?
Mr. Wright family provides him with strength, daily; praying gives him the most strength and hope, fellowshipping at his local church when he can, stated just hearing the word of God keeps him going day after, and holding on to what he knows God can do for him.

3. Does the patient use prayer in their life?

Yes Mr Wright uses prayer in his life, He stated he won’t make it to the next day without prayer, with everything that he goes through or experience during his trying times he turns to prayer for up lifting.

4. How does the patient keep going day after day?

He stated hope is what keeps him going in spite of everything he has his up and downs daily, he hopes that one day all what he is going through will come to an end. He hope is like a mustard seed, very small but full of a lot of potentials.

5. How has illness affected the patient and his/her family?
Being diagnose with stage four cancers, not only took a toll on Mr. Write, but his whole family. He was worried about his wife, his children and his grandchildren. He wanted to see everyone grow up he wants to be there with them, but he understands with his illness he takes it one day at a time. At first his family broke down, everyone kept crying had all the worst thoughts of what going to happen, but after speaking with his Dr, they realized there was some hope with treatment, and a partial Lobectomy

69 year old African American male, Baptist

This assignment requires you to interview one person and requires an analysis of your interview experience.
Part I: Interview
Select a patient, a family member, or a friend to interview. Be sure to focus on the interviewee’s experience as a patient, regardless of whom you choose to interview.
Your spiritual needs assessment survey must include a minimum of five questions that can be answered during the interview. During the interview, document the interviewee’s responses.
The transcript should include the questions asked and the answers provided. Be sure to record the responses during the interview by taking detailed notes. Omit specific names and other personal information through which the interviewee can be determined.
Part II: Analysis
Write a 500-750 word analysis of your interview experience. Be sure to exclude specific names and other personal information from the interview. Instead, provide demographics such as sex, age, ethnicity, and religion. Include the following in your response:
1. What went well?
2. Were there any barriers or challenges that inhibited your ability to complete the assessment tool? How would you address these in the future or change your assessment to better address these challenges?
3. How can this tool assist you in providing appropriate interventions to meet the needs of your patient?
4. Did you discover that illness and stress amplified the spiritual concern and needs of your interviewee? Explain your answer with examples.
Submit both the transcript of the interview and the analysis of your results. This should be submitted as one document. The interview transcript does not figure into the word count.

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