Portfolio Project: Minimum 3500 words
You are the CEO of a small, relatively new start-up company that produces a unique product—the wrist-reader. This product serves as a wristwatch that consumers wear on their wrists, but the screen folds out to a 3×3 high-resolution LCD that can be used as an e-book reader or to surf the Internet with an integrated wi-fi chip. The wrist-reader is becoming highly popular among 18 to 24-year-olds in the U.S. market and you believe the product would also be rapidly adopted among young people in large emerging markets.

Because of your company’s small size, you don’t have anyone to help you identify business strategies, so you have to work independently on this. Your job for this portfolio project is to research three options in at least two emerging markets for internationalizing your firm. Provide an assessment of the risks and benefits of each strategy in each country and provide a clear and succinct recommendation at the end for your firm.
Your paper should consist of the following elements:

  1. Overview of the firm (you can be creative here, within reason).
  2. Presentation of the issue you are trying to resolve.
  3. Identification of at least two countries that your firm will target, including an overview of those countries’ markets, demand for a product like this, legal and political environment, and reasons for selecting them as places to start the internationalization process.
  4. Discussion of each approach of internationalization (1-2 pages for each approach).
  5. Explanation of the risks that the small firm may face when following the internationalization you suggested above in the country that you selected.
  6. Recommendation and conclusions.

In addition, your paper should include at least eight professional sources (other than the textbook and course materials) that support your analysis.

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