assignment two 1

Review the assignment requirements for the Final Paper in Week five. Submit a Proposal for your final paper in a two to three page paper tha tincludes the following:


*A thesis statement based on the week five assignment


*an outline of the major headings and a one to two sentence description of what you will discuss under each heading


One article from your literature review using the annotated bibliogrpahy guidlines below.  state the complete bibliographic citation for the article using apa format.  provide a summary/abstract/annoation of the artile which means to list the major topics discussed in the article. 


Must cite 3 schloary sources


Week 5 paper


You are the manager of acme fireworks.  the compnay started in the owners garage two years ago and now has 15 employees that you manage.  The compnay started as a sole proprietor, and the owner has neer changed the entity.  The copany makes and sells fireworks.  The owner has infomred you that the company has received inquiries from several large retailers about the company’s ability to fill large orders on a regular basis.   The owner told the retailers that the compnay could fill such orders, and a price per unit was agreed upon.  No other details were  discussed.  The owner is anticipating that new employees will need to be hired but is worried that if the large orders do not continue the company will not have the funds to pay the new employees.  the owner is now considering changing the business entity but does not know what entity to form or how to form it.


Owners has aksed you to do the following. 


explain potential personal liability for injuries to consumer caused by the product.


analyze whether the owner formed a contract with the ratailers applying the five elements as disccssed from week 2 to hypothetical facts.


analyze how different employment ypes could be used with application of hypothetical facts.


recommned a new business entity


provide a rationale to support your recommendation.


for each task be sure to analyze the relevant law, apply the facts to the law, and make a conclusion. 

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