assignment report writing 0

Organization: Stamford Grand Adelaide Hotel Service

Length: 3000 words

Course title: Service Marketing and relationship marketing






Length: Not more than 3000 words & 15 minutes





Service Recovery Group Report:


Students are required to choose 1 of the team’s service organization from Assessment (Stamford Grand Adelaide Hotel Service )


1 write a report that addresses the following:


1. Present this service organization as a blueprint.


2. What is the service organization’s front stage and back stage functions?


3. What are the “moments of truth” for this service organization?


4. Show the determinants of satisfaction/dissatisfaction for this service organization. Use relevant


Theories to also discuss service quality measurement (and quality gaps) in this organization.


5. Devise a service-recovery strategy plan for the service organization to deal with various critical




The report should be a maximum of 3000 words (12 font, Arial or Times New Roman single spaced)


Teams are also required to perform a 10-minutes Oral presentation for their assignment.




Written report:




Front stage and back stage functions


Moments of truth for this service organization


Determinants of satisfaction/dissatisfaction (gap model)


Service-recovery strategy plan


Report format & referencing


Oral Presentation:


Demonstrated key service failure/ moment(s) of truth


Appropriateness of service recovery strategies


Flow of presentation, interaction, and issues presented


Overall impression of excellence

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