Assignment 2: Ethical Concerns in Human Services Essay Dissertation Research Help

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This module reviewed the importance of ethical concerns in the Human Services field. Additionally, you were provided with the ethical standards for Human Services professionals.


Using at least five resources from the professional literature, respond to the following in a minimum of 400 words as it relates to the Human Services field. The literature may include the Argosy University online library resources, relevant textbooks, peer-reviewed journal articles, and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (.edu, .org, and .gov):

  • Describe a position in the Human Services field that you may obtain after your graduation. Include the title of the position, the type of agency, the titles of the people you supervise, and an overview of your general day-to-day duties.
  • Explain two ethical standards that may impact your management of the Human Services professionals. You should cite the ethics codes to support your answer.
  • Discuss three ways to teach employees about ethical standards. You should cite scholarly sources and research literature to support your answers.
  • Identify a minimum of three concerns you have regarding ethical management and propose ideas on how you may address these concerns.

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