As the owner of a book store, you have been asked by the local newspaper to write an article about…

As the owner of a book store, you have been asked by the local newspaper to write an article about the future of books in the digital age. You will be representing your business that you named “Angello’s Bookstore” earlier in this unit, so it is important that this article be polished and professional. Your newspaper article should: Be completed using a word processor software (MS Word, Word Perfect or Open Office). Be approximately 750 words in length. Be based on 5 different sources that you have researched. Include at least one quotation, which will be properly referenced. Include at least two relevant pictures to add visual appeal. Present your article in columns. Use formatting to enhance the appearance of the article (font, font size, font colour, borders, and shading). Formatting should enhance visual appeal but not distract the reader from the content. Use an introduction, body and conclusion. Organize your ideas in paragraphs and use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Be edited so that it is concise yet grabs the reader’s attention. Include a bibliography page citing at least 5 sources for the information and 2 sources for the pictures
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