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write an overview of USU’s Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art. You can find all the information you will need in thier website ( ) You should write a personal response to your experience in the museum and the various shows and objects on display. You should identify a couple of pieces that you find particularly interesting and perhaps some that you think less successful. You should consider how you are constantly – even if unconsciously – working through what you define art as and how some of the materials in the museum might challenge or play with that idea. Your paper should have the following  criteria:

. A clear and cogent introductory paragraph that gives a very brief history of the museum.

. Demonstration of some application of ideas, issues, and/or methods of analysis from materials such as the related of mucis and art, or movies and art…..etc.

. Writing that is clear and concise with accurate spelling and grammar.

. Personal opinions justified with clear supporting evidence.

. Meets minimum 500 word limit.


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