Arican American Autobiographies: Women and Th Essay Dissertation Help

in the White House, pages: Preface-Chap 8 (preface-Candid Opinions), these chapters are based on March 2016 edition.

Now that you have read Elizabeth Keckley, Behind the Scene Or, Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House, pages: Preface-Chap 8, please address the following questions/topics:

1- Who was Elizabeth Keckley (who, what, where, and WHEN), and based on her own explanations in the Preface of her autobiography, Why did Elizabeth Keckley decide to tell this secret history or the life behind the scene (pages 6-7)? Based on the Preface of her narrative, did Elizabeth K. set out to write a Tell All autobiography? Explain thoroughly.

All your answers have to be thorough and detailed with EVIDENCE from the autobiography (Behind the Scene) to support your claims. NO POINTS will be given to answers unrelated to what Elizabeth Keckley has written in the Preface and the rest of her life narrative.

2- Was Elizabeth K. trying to present the bright side of slavery instead of the dark side? How so (meaning how do you know this?), any examples from her autobiography to show this? Did Elizabeth K., in your view, keep her white audience in mind, seeing that her career blossomed because of her white clientele? Again, how do you know this?, any examples or evidence to show that she did or did not?

All your answers have to be specific and supported with evidence from the autobiography, Behind the Scene.

Bonus Question (up to 3 points):

How and why did she join the family of Senator Jefferson Davis? AND, How did she meet Mrs. Lincoln and why? Explain both parts in details.

No points will be given to general and vague answer.

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