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Do you want a job after you graduate? If the answer is yes, then you would probably benefit from pursuing an internship while you are here at the University of Maryland. Fortunately, the principles that we have discussed over the course of this semester can help you pursue an internship, interact with employers, and perform more effectively in an internship. There are lots of internships available to UMD students. Sometimes, however, the internship you really want is not being offered. If that is the case, then you should propose an internship with the company/organization that you would like to work for. This assignment will help you with this process. You will hand in three pages for this Blended Learning Assignment. You must do the following:

1. The first page of your paper should be a description of an internship with a real company/organization. a. Identify an internship that you would like to apply for. Do this by doing one of the following: i. Log on to Find a real internship opportunity that you would actually like to apply for. OR ii. Find an actual company/organization that you would like to work for. This must be a real organization. Make up an internship opportunity with this company/organization. (Companies can be identified with the Career Insiders link on or you can use any other resource to identify the company). b. Give the internship description i. If you found an actual internship, copy and paste the internship description OR ii. If you are making up an internship, write a paragraph describing the internship c. Give the name and contact information of the real-life person who would be in charge of that internship. This must be a real person. The contact information must be real as well.

2. The second page of your paper should be a cover letter addressed to the person in charge of the internship. It should describe why you are interested in the internship and why he/she should choose you to fill the internship. This must be a professional cover letter – But use a fake name instead of your real name. Do not begin this part of the assignment without visiting The University Career Center and the President’s Promise website on writing cover letters: (in the Launch Your Career section – see here: If it is not formatted as a professional letter it is a zero for writing quality on the assignment. NOTE: For part two, your response should be at least two paragraphs but no more than one page.

3. The third page of your paper is a list (and very brief description) of three principles that you have learned in this class that would help you with this internship. For each principle, describe how the principle would help you at the internship. These may be principles that would help you get the internship, interact with employees at the internship or be actual knowledge that you would need to perform the internship. NOTE: For the third section of the assignment please limit your response to 500 words

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