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  • Identify your company, its industry, and analyze the important segments (percentage of sales or subsidiaries) of your company compared to its industry and its overall business.
  • Perform a complete financial analysis of your chosen company’s financial statements—horizontal, vertical (Percentage of Sales and Common-Size), and changes in ratios—for the last two years.
  • Compare all ratios to industry averages. Evaluate the company’s ratios against the industry averages.
  • Explain the significance of the company’s ratios when compared to industry averages.
  • Analyze the company’s cash flows.
  • Assess the overall financial health of your company based on this financial analysis.
  • Identify and analyze the impact of international trade on the company’s financial statements.
  • Analyze specific risks of your company’s international trade.
  • Analyze the current decisions made within the company that have regulatory and tax implications.
  • Analyze the current corporate governance and ethical responsibilities in your company.
  • Evaluate alternative methods of financing used in your company.
  • Overall Conclusion: Present your bottom line regarding this company.
  • Consider the various perspectives from different stakeholders: If you were considering investing in this company, would you buy shares?
  • If you were considering acquiring this company, what is your decision regarding this company? If you were the CEO, how would you use this information to make tactical and operational decisions?
  • If you were a banker, would you lend money to this company?

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