appeal letter explaining why I think FEMA’s Decision

I was found Ineligible Denied – Based on FEMA’s inspection, the damage to my home does not prevent me from living in the dwelling.


I have to Submit an appeal letter explaining why I think FEMA’s Decision not to give me assistance to cover the costs to fix my home because my home was made unlivable by the disaster and/or money to repair your home damaged by the disaster.

This appeal letter should contain the following:

The damages

I have mold growing in the ceiling of my bed room and the bathroom ceiling do to the tree lems falling and wind, rain

The floor in my living room is very soft do to water setting under the house for 2-3 days the water has also caused the Mobile home to shift and is no longer elevated

Why are the damages harmful to me and my children live and health?


It only has to be 1 page, this appeal letter is very important me and my family. So please only if you serious this has to be an A+++

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