apa proposal paper

For this assignment, I want you to select a local problem or concern and propose a solution for it. You will need to do some research to build your argument. In particular, I am requiring you to interview one person who would be knowledgeable on the subject and include a transcript of this interview in Appendix I of your paper. I am also asking you to come up with survey questions that you distribute and collect answers for. You can distribute these either online or on paper. In addition to these first hand sources, I would also like you to use at least five additional sources. As I am asking you to deal with a local issue, local and regional newspapers might be good sources; however, you may still be able to use scholarly sources like journal entries to help you investigate what some of the existing solutions might be

The paper needs to be in APA format and should be approximately 8-12 pages including the appendixes However, body sections of the paper should be at least four pages in length.

In the paper, you will need to include the following sections:


Body (featuring the following section headings).
I. Identify your problem.
A. What is your problem?
B. Why is it a problem?
II. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various possible solutions.
A. What are several possible solutions that have been proposed for your problem?
B. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these solutions?
III. Propose and defend your “best” solution
A. What is the solution you are proposing?
B. Why is this the best solution?

References Page

Appendix I: A transcription of the interview that you conduct for this project

Appendix II: The survey questions that you used for your assignment and a summary of the survey results.

Try to make sure that your solution is a workable and realistic solution. In other words, it should be something that would solve the problem and something that could actually be carried out. In other words, launching all of our trash into the Sun might be a workable solution to some of our environmental problems; however, as it is currently unfeasible, it wouldn’t really be a realistic solut

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