anthropology 32

Group 1:

?1.)  How do we draw a distinction between civilized societies and groups of “savages?”  Are those of us living in modernized societies really closer to the true definition of savage than the arbitrary way the term was used in the Victorian era?  Can one define a group of people as civilized or savage based purely on their moral system?



2.) What roles do history, environment, upbringing, individual psychological factors, and society play in shaping our cultures?




3.)  What impact has globalization had on our world?  What impact will it have moving forward?  Will it bring our cultures and societies closer together?  Or will it contribute to destruction and chaos?




Group 2

1.) Do all field-workers have to be ethnographers, or are there alternative methods of study?



2.) Is it better to study other cultures from the inside (participant) view, or the outside (analytical/critical) view?



3.)  How did the industrial revolution shape and contribute to the field of Anthropology?



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