answer the following questions and number it

  1. Read the instructions for the Final Exam essay found HERE and reflect on a “big idea” about academic writing that you have learned or thought more about over the course of the semester. Explain this big idea in your post.

Developing Claims

Main Claims, Zombie Claims, Reviving Zombie Claims

Powerful & Engaging Openers

  1. Identify two items from the Essay Checklist that you’d like to work on for Essay Four and state why these stand out to you.
  2. Identify one passage from the Valarie Kaur video that you find meaningful and –

4. Return to the Essay Four Draft submission page to read and make notes on the essays of the person who posted prior to you and to any other poster of your choice. Then, return HERE to include the peer reviews in your post.

  • Each peer review MUST include: ONE strength and TWO areas for improvement. Comments should be specific and refer to passages in your peers’ essays. For areas of improvement, make suggestions about how the writer might address each issues. Each peer review should be 100-125 words long.
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