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Compare and contrast the personalities and policies of Hitler and Stalin. How and why was Hitler able to become a dictator in Germany? Elaborate.




The following statement is taken from a contemporary account of Germany in 1939:

“…Though the Fuehrer’s anti-Semitic program furnished the National Socialist party in the first instance with a nucleus and rallying-cry, it was swept into office by two things with which the ‘Jewish Problem’ did not have the slightest connection. One the one side was economic distress and the revulsion against Versailles; on the other, chicanery and intrigue…Hitler and his party had promised the unhappy Germans a new heaven and a new earth, coupled with the persecution of the Jews. Unfortunately, a new heaven and earth cannot be manufactured to order. But a persecution of the Jews can…”

How do you interpret this contemporary account of the persecution of people who are Jewish? Elaborate.


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