Analyzing a work of Ernest Hemingway Essay Help

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Write a unified composition on the
fiction of Ernest Hemingway. Your writing will be judged on focus, organization,
mechanics, word choice, usage, sentence structure, standard convention, and adherence
to MLA style.

Assigned Topic:
Analyze one or more fictional works of Ernest Hemingway.  Your essay will not be a biographical study of the author; it will be an analytical study of his art.  In your essay you will analyze one (or more than one) of the literary elements listed below.

Possible literary elements to analyze:

Allusion     Diction     Moral             Setting         Theme
Allegory     Imagery     Plot             Style             Tone
Character     Metaphor     Point of View         Symbolism         Voice

In your analysis, note the element(s) that make the literary work succeed or fail. Address
general and specific elements as needed. State your views precisely and concisely in
academic style.

Story: Snows of Kilimanjaro


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