analyze the impact food borne illnesses genetic engineering and the organic food movements have on the global food markets 10 12 slide presentation


Develop a 10–12 slide presentation on GMOs that is suitable for a senior audience (including references within the presentation as well as a separate references slide per APA guidelines). The presentation should include an introduction and conclusion, a list of defined terminology used (a minimum of 3 terms), risks and benefits of GMOs, and appropriate references. The title slide is considered part of your presentation, but the REFERENCES slide is not considered as part of the total slide count as it would generally not be displayed and discussed with an audience.

Although the primary focus of the Assignment is to be informative in nature, you can take a stance for or against using GMOs in your presentation. Be sure to defend your position for or against GMOs with examples and references.

In your presentation, explain some of the benefits and risks to using this food production method.

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