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Identifications: identify each one and explain its consequences or significance, in 2-3 sentences.

1- American Indian Movement
2- Indian Gaming Regulatory Act
3- Dakota Access Pipeline
4- Indian Relocation Program
5- Elsie Flood

Essays: Answer it in a clear, organized, and detailed essay of 2-3 paragraphs

1) How did the Lakotas and the Navajos respond to the Indian Reorganization Act and the policies of John Collier?
2) Why did Mary Crow Dog find her grandparents, and older Indians generally, more interesting and inspiring than her parents?
3) Why were the Wounded Knee site and the Wounded Knee Trading Post (Gildersleeves’ Store) so significant to the Lakotas?
4) How have Indian activists and white officials expanded Indians’ sovereignty and religious rights since the early 1970s?

Answer each question in 1-2 sentences

1) Why was Richard (Dicky) Wilson so unpopular with Lakotas on the Pine Ridge reservation?

2) Why has the Native American population of the United States risen so dramatically since 1900?


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