america as a superpower 2

This Assignment 3 again uses the ecree platform for doing and submitting the paper. Plus, all learned from the first two assignments the value of having the assignment INSTRUCTIONS sheet and the assignment’s FORMAT SAMPLE paper and TEMPLATE. So, please get those items below.

BEFORE SUBMISSION—AND BEFORE REALLY BEFORE STARTING ON THE DOING OF THIS PAPER, please make use of the following links (if needed, right click the link and Open in new window. Sometimes a document will flash to the top or bottom of your screen to a downloads folder):


  1. INSTRUCTION SHEET for Assignment 3–with key details: Assignment 3_HIS105_Instructions_Stansbury.docx
  2. FORMAT SAMPLE for Assignment 3 This shows the parts of the paper and what to do in each; it shows what the in-text citations and the sources list at the end look like; it shows the special ecree-type draft that is single spaced: Format_Sample_ Assignment 3_Stansbury_HIS105_ecree_version.docx
  3. Template for Assignment 3: TEMPLATE FOR ASSIGNMENT 3.docx
  4. Help Sheet for using eCree: Ecree_Help_Doing and Practicing_HIS105_assmt3.docx
  5. VIDEO HELP on doing Assignment 3:
  6. VIDEO HELP on using the ecree platform and submitting Assignment 3:
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