Allusion to roman poetry in roman inscriptions Essay Dissertation Help

Allusion to roman poetry in roman inscriptions
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Note: I’ll be including an annotated bibliography of the most useful resources I’ve found for this topic. I have access to all of them, and can scan or send pages to you if you need them.
Topic: Allusion to roman poetry in roman inscriptions

What I’m not doing: While there are often allusions to Roman poets by means of similar characterizations, plots, or subject matter, I will primarily be focusing on allusions through language.

Possible Outline:

Intro: views on allusion in roman historical context

The difference between what is considered common intertextual reference done by many authors and what is a significant allusion, and how to tell the difference.

Self-annotation: how poets draw attention to the fact that they are alluding, and what this could mean in a historical as well as literary context.

Historical context in general

Allusions, who they’re alluding to, and possibly why

Frequency tables of how often each author is alluded to
The significance of this, in general as well as by time, place

When an inscription references an author who’s referencing another author/ did they know

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