all about me

Now that you have mastered the basics of Microsoft PowerPoint, it is time to put some of these skills to practice. Follow these steps to create your masterpiece.

You will be creating a presentation about YOU, which will consist of your slide deck as well as speaker’s notes for each slide. You will need to come up with a speech about yourself that will be written within the speaker’s notes. Here are some topics that you can include: basic information, hobbies, pets, family, career goals, etc. However, this is a flexible assignment and you can omit anything on this list and/or add your own topics.

Assume you are sharing your personal information in a somewhat informal setting, such as a classroom, where you are presenting to classmates.


  1. The presentation must include at least three slides, but no more than five.
  2. Include your name, CGS1240, and the date on slide 1.
  3. Apply a design theme.
  4. Use different slide transitions on all slides.
  5. Include at least two pictures or clip art graphics.
  6. Animate at least one object. Use something other than “fly in.”
  7. Use the slides to only highlight key points but include the entire speech in the Speakers Notes for each slide you are presenting. Yes, you must write a speech, but please keep the tone comfortable and casual.
  8. Be sure to check grammar and spelling. Even a rather informal presentation must be delivered professionally.

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