after reading a given article and researching talk about artemisia s late development and the three susanna and the elders paintings by her

For your paper, read Mann’s 2001catalog entries[pp. 296-99 (1610), pp. 355-58 (1622), pp.424-26 (1649)] for Artemisia’s three signed Susanna and the Elders and analyze how the 1649 Susanna relates to Artemisia’s earlier treatments of the theme. And Based upon both your own comparative analysis of the three Susanna paintings and your knowledge from the course, offer your own analysis of Artemisia’s late development. (need to do some outside research besides the catalog entries)

so the main point is to to talk about her late development(her time in Naples), including comparing her latest version of the Susanna painting with the first two versions.

Intro and conclusion should be short. Focus on the body paragraphs

Length is two and half page double space exclude the works cited

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