access discussion 3

Choose a training/tutorial from the list of links below. Discuss why you choose your selected Access topic and how you might use this information in the future. Please include the name of your tutorial/training in your discussion post.

Post to this discussion. Once you have posted, you will be able to see posts from your classmates. Be sure to return to this forum to engage in a discussion with your classmates by responding thoughtfully to at least one other post. Your Reply post should contain information showing you have read the information in a classmates post.



I reviewed the Access training link. This link seems to be provide everything you need to have to learn access. I can definitely see myself using this link in the future. I use access to run a macro at work but that is the only thing I know about the program. My Financial Analysis team are the ones who created the macro so all I have to do is run it. After seeing what access can truly do this might be a software I should tap more into. It has always scared me in the past. With this link, I could teach myself possibly how to create macros and run them in access.


I chose “What is Access” because until this assignment, I had never used or even heard of this application.
I’ve never been a very organized person, so I can see many ways that this could be a very useful tool.
For years I have attempted to keep lists and planners and have failed miserably- this seems like those, times 10!
I’m looking forward to using this program to create personalized apps that I’m comfortable using, to help me
get more organized with my home business and a few other things.

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