A short description of the cultural experiences Essay Dissertation Help

A short description of the cultural experiences (half a page maximum)
Analysis of the experience using theories and concepts from the course
Support for field research through scholarly resources
A summary of reflections on what you have learned from the experience (half a page maximum)
References/Work cited in proper format

B-My experience:
-First they was staying in circle.
-people like to communicate in their.
-They have strong relationship with each other.
-At first blank papers were given to everyone to write a topic and talk about it in everyone perspective.
-Everyone shared his/her name, what pizza topping like ( i liked cheese plain pizza lol) and pronouns which means what people call you if you are not here (he,she,him,her,they)
-They had rules for example 1- One mic 2- share space. 3-Show respect.
-Topics they have chosen were 1- how to deal with creepy men in work.(like a Man asking female gay for a date) 2- straight men hitting on gay female.

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