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Write a 1000-word critical interpretation paper about some aspect of the story “A Perfect Day For Bananafish,” by J. D. Salinger. Please note that a critical interpretation is not a plot synopsis; it is an analysis that examines various literary elements in the writing to demonstrate the author’s purpose. In other words, don?t tell what happened in the story, but rather, tell what the events, characters, elements of irony or symbolism in the story mean. Some of the possible topics you might consider include the following: Why did Seymour commit suicide? What is the significance of the Bananafish story Seymour tells Sibyl? Why does Seymour become angry at the woman in the elevator? Is Seymour a pedophile? Was this Salinger’s intention in portraying the characters the way he did? How does Salinger use symbols and allusions to enhance the story? Most of the story consists of dialogue. What techniques does Salinger use to make his characters’ conversations sound realistic? Write your paper as though your audience has read the story and that you, as critic, will help them better understand how to interpret it. Do not use secondary sources (research) in writing this paper. The thesis will be your own argument supported by the text of the story. Quotes from the story will be necessary to support your argument.

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