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Plan and draft two e-mails (uploaded in one document) that announce a new dress code program at Bauman Industries. The program will specify the dress code for workers (either more casual or more formal—your choice). Make sure to give specific policies for specific days and detail the rules on important company dates.

a. One e-mail should target and address the managerial staff of the company. Before composing the e-mail, consider the needs, concerns, questions, and biases of this audience.

b. The second e-mail should target and address all employees of the company. Remember that you will need to meet the needs of the audience and answer the questions of all your readers without offending anyone.

Each E-mail Must Include the Following:
1.) TO, FROM, and DATE lines (Use your imagination)
2) A suitable subject line for each e-mail
3) A formal salutation
4) A full signature block indicating your name and including a signature

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