700 1000 word research essay on migraines

must include a 700-1000 word original essay;

(you may not simply cut and paste from other sources; all information must be properly cited).

essay must address the following three items related to your topic

1.Involved nervous system anatomy

2.Physiological & behavioral impacts

3.Treatments/therapeutic interventions related to the neurological condition/disorder

As well as at least five of the following areas:

1. What neurotransmitters are involved?

2. Are there genetic influences?

3.Are there effects on motor/sensory activity?

4. Are there effects on cognition and the expression/experience of emotion?

5. What are the suspected environmental causes?

6. Is it age related?

7. Is there a greater prevalence in certain ethnic/cultural or geographical


8. Are there thought to be behavioral causes?

9. Are there any beliefs about unusual causes or treatments, or is there “pseudoscience” thought to be related to the disorder/condition?

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