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5. Presentation of Articles: 

A. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:  Each of your articles should start with an Executive Summary.  At the top of the first page of each executive summary, type the words in all caps “EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.”  Then double space and type the name of the article.  The executive summary is a synopsis of the article – no opinions in this section. The length of executive summary will vary from article to article, but normally it can be accomplished in approximately one to two typewritten pages. 

B. CRITIQUE:  Each executive summary should be followed by a critique.  At the top of the first page of each critique, type in all caps “CRITIQUE.”  Then double space and type the title of the article.  The critique is a critical analysis of the article.  This is the appropriate section for your professional opinion; for you to apply what you have learned from your Sports Management courses as well as from any management and business experience you may have.  Again, the length will vary from article to article, but most critiques can be accomplished in approximately two to three typewritten pages. So, your summary and critique should range between a minimum of three and a maximum of five pages. 

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