4 small historical question

1. Read European Nationalism 1830s.pdf

Nationalism Bismarck Garibaldi.docx . Answer: How did nationalism push Italy and Germany together in the 1800s?

2. Read the documents below (DBQ Effects of Industrial Revolution.pdf

) and refer to your reading from the Industrial Revolution Unit. Answer: Was the Industrial Revolution a positive movement or a negative movement? Be specific in reference to documents.

3. Read Nazism Fascism.docx

and Rise in Fascism.pdf

Answer: How did Hitler and Mussolini use the poor economics of Germany and Italy, respectively, to come to power?

4. ReadEurope Divided.pdf

andIron Curtain and Truman Doctrine.docx

. Answer: How did fears over the rise of Communism impact the world after 1945?

Each question write about 300-400 words

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