3000 word accountingfinancing assignment

If you have any doubt in your ability to handle this task, DO NOT APPLY, if you screw me over I will annihiliate your review board badly. Take Speccy_The Professor as an example. He was warned this same way, and provided me a D paper.  … To the tutors I know and trust – I would never do that to you! I am only speaking to the new tutors out there that always seem to screw me over every time I assign one of them.     ….. Anyway …. 


Banking, Finance, Finance and Investment–THE CLIENT’S MAJOR 

Word: 3000
Level: master
Deadline: 24/11/13 10pm in uk time

attachment 1: the handbook for this module
attachmenr 2: the assessment ppt for this task

This is research proposal task, the client’s major is in the handbook.

please check the attachment thoroughly before otherwise you risk getting the worst review you have ever seen tatted permenantly on your review board. 



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