3 part discussion 2page paper and midterm

This Question has three parts to it PART 1 is a discussion which needs to be 75 to 150 words thats all and PART 2  is a 2 PAGE paper APA style with a abstract, body, conclusion, and reference page with the websites and i have attached a sample APA paper for your reference and part 3 is the mid term


Terrorism Influences

Compare and contrast Anarchism experienced in the 19th century and Jihad in the 21st century.



Profile of a Separatist or Nationalistic Terror Group

Choose a long-term separatist or nationalistic terror group presented in the Jonathan White text. Provide at least a two page paper describing the group’s origins, ideology, and goals & objectives. Include any significant attacks they have committed in the past.

Papers must follow APA format and parenthetical citations and reference list are required.


PART 3  



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