3-4 Paragraph-Cont. Issues Organizational Leadership

Individuals started identify themselves in terms of the causes they champion rather than national identities. National cultures are giving way to a new set of terms by which people associate, regardless of where they were born or happen to live. There is a broader acceptance of individuals as human beings ― leaving traditional identities of religion, race, and nationality as irrelevant. Please watch the video clip Millennials Study Captures Snapshot of Young America at this link and discuss on the following questions:http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/social_issues-jan-june10-millenials_02-24/

How would you lead a team of tomorrow made up of multiple generations? If you were to assign a task to a team of Millennial Generation members, how would you get them organized as a leader?


Must be:

At required length or longer

Written in American English at graduate level

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 Must pass turn it in

Written in APA with references

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