2 Statistics questions.

2. Before you solve problem A and B, first categorize it by answering the following question: Are we testing a single mean or a single proportion? ( a) What is the level of significance? State the null and alternate hypotheses. ( b) What sampling distribution will you use? What assumptions are you making? What is the value of the sample test statistic? ( c) Find ( or estimate) the P- value. Sketch the sampling distribution and show the area corresponding to the P- value. ( d) Based on your answers in parts ( a) to ( c), will you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis? Are the data statistically significant at level a? ( e) Interpret your conclusion in the context of the application. a. Professor Jennings claims that only 35% of the students at Flora College work while attending school. Dean Renata thinks that the professor has underestimated the number of students with part- time or full- time full-time jobs. A random sample of 81 students shows that 39 have jobs. Do the data indicate that more than 35% of the students have jobs? ( Use a 5% level of significance.) Asked on yahoo. 5-28 b. The Nero Match Company sells matchboxes that are supposed to have an average of 40 matches per box, with A random sample of 94 Nero matchboxes shows the average number of matches per box to be 43.1. Using a 1% level of significance, can you say that the average number of matches per box is more than 40?
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