143 media literacy

Developing media literacy is the primary objective of this course. Media literacy promotes an informed understanding of the popular culture so that we may become more “engaged citizens and discerning consumers” (p. G­7). The Critical Process offers one method by which to develop a comprehensive interpretation of the media and their impact. Your final project requires you to write a 2-pages paper, in singe space.

Each chapter in the textbook provides examples about why examining the media critically is important for the individual as well as democracy. Issues such as media ownership, the impact of social media, the crisis in journalism, media violence, privacy, and stereotypes are but a few examples to consider. The textbook examines many other relevant issues( you can chose one topic from the picture). Choose a topic that interests you, introduce it and give examples(at least one page). The assignment will be graded for originality, creativity, mastery of subject matter and how ef ectively you are able to convey the subject matter to others. Your final project will be shared with the class.

You are also going to list your answers of the following questions(at least one page, ):

● What is media literacy?

● Why is it important?

● What issue should the media give more attention to, or, how have the media misrepresented or underrepresented a specific issue or event?

● What evidence supports your claims?

● How can we encourage the development of media literacy?

` What is the connection between your topic and media literacy? (this is the important point you should talk about)

Textbook: Media & Culture An Introduction to Mass Communication

by Campbell, Richard; Martin, Christopher; Fabos, Bettina

Edition: 11th

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