1. What is feminism and what are its objectives in the 21st century? Essay Dissertation Help

1. This essay is not an opinion; rather it is a researched argument about a topic you have selected from the list I have provided.
2. You must have 7-10 primary and secondary sources of support.
3. It must be 2400-3000 words (8-10 pages)
4. It must have a specific audience and context in mind
5. It must have a clear thesis, i.e. a clear sense of purpose to persuade the audience to think, act, etc. in a particular way about a subject.
6. It must integrate the sources from step one to support ideas and claims that your essay contains.
7. It must have a Works Cited page citing all sources in MLA style.
8. It must demonstrate your ability to organize ideas in a logical and persuasive manner, including between claims, evidence, and analysis, as well as logical connections between parts of the essay.
9. Your essay must demonstrate the ability to communicate in clear, understandable language that contains very few errors in usage.
10. Turn in on the scheduled time and date on dropbox link in D2L and in LiveText link on D2L.

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