1 page, APA, 3 HRS

You do not have to actually base it on the book as far as the contentreflects as if it was deciphered from the book. Please reference the book.


1. Describe two characters from Smoke Signals that stood out to you, and explain why.

2. Discuss some piece of artwork or artistic expression from the textbook document sections from any point in the class (Chapter 1 – 10) and compare it with Smoke Signals as a form of artistic expression. Is there something similar in the way the textbook artwork and Smoke Signals engage a topic or a trend? Is there something utterly different about the two artworks (who made them, or the views or ideas evoked by the examples)? Is there something each artwork reveals about each society they come from? You can base your comparison on anything, but be specific about the examples you are using and what you think the comparison reveals.

* The textbook is First Peoples: A Documentary Survey of American Indian History FOURTH EDITION by Colin G. Calloway

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