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Please view video “Life and Breath” https://youtu.be/Xj9UJgpJiCM and to write a 1-2 page essay on why they want to enter the profession of Respiratory Therapy and why they are a “good fit” for the profession.

I want to be a respiratory therapy because :

1- friendly and have good social skills to deal with different patients.

2- The salary for being a Respiratory Therapist is roughly $59,000 a year. The salary seems to go up each year, because the demand for this job is in great need in most areas.

___ Respiratory therapy is a growing field, driven by the aging population and rise in respiratory ailments and cardiopulmic diseases. Statistics say our population is aging, so not only will respiratory therapists always have work, but also advancement placement opportunities as the baby boomers began to retire and become patients.____

3- The benefits of being a Respiratory Therapist is just knowing you helped someone in need. Which makes you feel better about yourself.

4- there is only about 5% paper work involved, which isn’t a lot at all.


I’m going to apply to. Respiratory Therapy program and they want me to write a paper on why I want to be a respiratory therapist and why I think I am a good fit for this job.


Watch the video I sent you the link for and please use the 4 points I wrote above about why I wanna be a respiratory therapist and you can add stuff to make it perfect. 2 pages are long enough. Thank you

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