“Going Live Is Not The End Of The ERP Journey” Essay Dissertation Help

The benefits companies expect from their ERP systems often occur over a period of time rather than occurring immediately. Accordingly many companies believe that their ERP journey is on going. While ERP systems provide some benefits to all companies, some companies achieve more benefits than others. Researchers and analysts explain these differing benefits as a result of companies being at different stages of their ERP system journey or ERP maturity.

Discuss this concept a company’s ERP systems journey and how benefits may vary.

Discuss the statement using case study examples (from literature searches) to demonstrate different company’s experiences.

Your paper should include the following areas:

• Why an ERP systems journey may never end
• What are the possible stages in an ERP systems journey.
• What are the potential benefits of each stage.
• Identify the drivers and barriers for companies to move from one stage to the next.

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